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SoftWash - The Beast - Fully Loaded System

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"The Beast" is the most amazing exterior cleaning system on the planet. With onboard Soft-Washing, 6 saddle tanks, Rinse System, Honda GX390 Pressure Washer, and Shadow Pure Water window/solar cleaning system... this unit will do it all in the most efficient way possible. Save time and money with the SoftWash system.

Features & Details:

  • Full Cradle Skid with upgraded Ladder Racks
  • Blend 6x 100 Gallon Tank
  • 6 Saddle Tanks with Aluminum Straps
  • Rinse DC Plus 50 Gallon Tank
  • Shadow 80 Auto 50 Gallon Tank
  • Honda GX390 5.5GPM Belt Drive, Electric Start Mounted ON tank bracket
  • Flat Surface Cleaner Rack
  • 12” ELECTRIC Aluminum & SS Reel – 3/8 Clear Braid Hose with Hose Reel Guide
  • 12" Electric Reel with 200' Non Marking 6000 PSI hose w/ Lance with Hose Reel Guide
  • 18” ELECTRIC Aluminum & SS Reel – 1/2 Clear Braid Hose with Hose Reel Guide
  • 18” ELECTRIC Aluminum & SS Reel – 5/8 Clear Braid Hose with Hose Reel Guide
  • AC/DC Power Pack
  • Battery Tray (Batteries not included)
  • Support Legs
  • 4 Hose Hangar Organizers

Product #: EQ-6XFCPWPW

The Blend 6X leverages our new 6X concentrates allowing you to control your mixing ratios all at the turn of a knob. This allows you to reap revenue from higher profit margins by reducing labor time on jobs. The Blend 6X allows you to relax – knowing that all of your measurements are precalculated for you. The SoftWash Systems Blend 6X Module’s metering valve system allows you to draw bleach and five surfactants into your soft washing solution all at the same time. It also allows you to mix surfactants right at the control panel, without ever measuring or mixing them in a tank. The equipment holds 6 different saddle tanks with new space saving technology. The control panel is plumbed directly to each of these tanks allowing the control panel to be the only point of adjustment. No more walking around to the opposite side of the skid to change surfactants or to adjust mix ratios -which put technicians in traffic/harms way. Not measuring or doing math is only one of the significant benefits of this new groundbreaking equipment.

The Blend 6X tackles the training aspect of your soft washing business, reducing all calculations to colors and numbers (overcoming language and other regional barriers). The new Blend 6X skid accompanied with our Academy classes is designed to get a new employee trained and working in the field in just one short week! The Blend 6X comes in a variety of different standard builds with everything you could possibly need to enhance production and increase organization.

The Blend 6X Skid is 72” and comes in a Full Cradle Skid or a Vanguard configuration – allowing the equipment to be adaptable to fit in a truck, trailer, van or box-truck. The Blend 6X module holds up to 100 gallons of bleach/SH (straight not a mixed solution) – as the control panel has technology that will mix the solution for you on the fly depending on what your job requires. This technology keeps overuse of chemicals to a minimum over traditional one batching methods. The Blend 6X also comes with an innovative new Rinse DC Module which comes in either a 50 or a 100 gallon configuration for raw water. The Blend 6X also has a pure water and a power wash upgrades should you want to provide those services to your clients. Here at SoftWash Systems we want to help you build your business through the best equipment, chemicals, education and support, and we can’t wait to serve you!