• Tucker premium virgin resin. One cubic foot.
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Tucker Premium Bulk DI Resin - 1 Cubic Foot

  • $375.85
  • $385.85

One Cubic foot of virgin DI Resin from Tucker, this is the premium resin you want in your system. Not all resin is created equal, this is the same resin that comes with the quality Tucker products you buy. It will last long and perform better than the cheaper alternatives. This is Virgin Resin, not used or recharged. May be shipped in a 1 cubic foot container or two 1/2 cubic foot containers.

1 Cubic Foot of Virgin Resin will fill:

5 - 4x30 cartridges (Tucker DI System)

10 - 4x20 cartridges (Triton DI System)

17+ - 4.5x10 cartridges (Tucker, Triton, Viper 3 Stage Systems)