Hand Carry DI System

  • $379.99
  • $415.00

Designed for those looking for the ultimate in portability in their Tucker® DI system, the Hand Carry DI is lightweight and easy to handle.

Designed for low TDS areas or for the occasional usage.

Simply hook up the inlet of the system to your tap water supply and the output to your Tucker® water fed pole.

As the water flows through the system the filter removes all of the minerals in the water supply.

You can replace the DI filter with a ready to use replacement filter or you can purchase bulk DI resin and refill yourself for far less.

Comes with the following:

(1) Hand Carry DI System

(1) Virgin Resin DI Filter

(1) Hand Held TDS meter for checking water quality

(1) Wrench for opening the System and changing DI filter


Replacement Filters:

Search these product codes to find the exact replacement filters for this system

  • Empty Refillable Filter (no DI resin inside): 20029
  • DI Resin Filter: 20027