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IPC - HIGHRISE Pure Water Cleaning System *

The Clear Advantage for HighRise Window Cleaning. The HighRise™ window cleaning system is s a completely self-contained, self-climbing window cleaning system for high rise buildings that can clean up to 30,000 square feet of windows an hour. This amazing machine offers a safe and effective way of cleaning multi-story buildings and can be customized to fit your specific site requirements. 

The units are built to specifications and start around $55,000 CAD

Contact your Washco Equipment Canada representative to get the full system brochure and discuss the options for this amazing system. 1-855-WASHCO-1 or sales@washco.ca


*THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - Please contact us to discuss the ordering process.



Key Features & Benefits:

  • Dramatic Labor Savings - can do a months worth of work in one day
  • Safe - is operated from the top of the building eliminating over-the-edge work
  • Effective - cleans entire building, including window frames providing extended life of structure
  • Environmentally Friendly - doesn’t use harsh chemicals and uses a small amount of water
  • Fast ROI



  • Patented Technology - Patented raindrop nozzles create large droplets of deionized water, reducing drifting and applying water only on the surface that needs to be cleaned.
  • High Productivity - The Return On Investment (ROI) is amazing. The HighRise travels at a rate of 35 feet per minute and will clean up to 30,000 sq./ft. per hour. Clean as much in one day that normally would have taken a month to clean. With this type of efficiency, your ROI can be less than one year.
  • Heavy Duty Construction - The HighRise is constructed of powder-coated steel tubing with welded joints. Sealed bearings and enclosed fan motors reduces maintenance costs and increases the overall savings.
  • Portability - The HighRise is portable and can be transported from building-to building with just a standard trailer. The portable rigging can be set up in as little as 20 minutes allowing you to clean multiple buildings.
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