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Aluminum Lid Remover & Wrench

UGC LidRemover
par Washco
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Prix actuel $29.85

Aluminum Drum Wrench, Non Sparking, Can Opener for Opening 10-55 Gallon Drum, 5 Gallon Bucket with Lid, Fits 2 Inch and 3/4 Inch Bung Caps.

Multi-Function metal bucket opener serves as a bucket opener and bucket handle wrench, providing versatile use for a variety of containers. Includes 10 15 20 30 55 gallon drums. Water, diesel, fuel, chemical drums, and more!

Metal bucket opener made of high quality aluminum, Built for long term use and non-sparking. Safe to use around flammable materials or in flammable areas.

Bucket opener ergonomically designed one-piece cast handle for comfort, non-slip grip for easy handling and control, features multiple holes for portability.

Bucket opener tool lightweight (5.6 oz/0.16 kg) and compact (24.5 in/9.6 cm) design for easy storage and transportation.

Wrench part opens most standard 2" & 3/4" plugs on tight head drums.1.7"/4.5 cm jaws open and reseal lids on regular 5-gallon buckets, paint cans and plastic drums.