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Tucker H2PRO Package

par Tucker
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Prix d'origine $6,435.00
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Prix actuel $5,450.00

Tucker is the #1 Brand for water-fed cleaning equipment in the world, since 1957. All Tucker products are built in North America with only the best materials, design, and quality controls in the market... and our ten year warranty will prove that and show that we stand behind our quality!

Are you a professional system that is designed for increased water flow, running multiple poles, or for jobs requiring high water production? This is the system for you! On average this system can easily reach 60-70 feet on standard pressure.

This package includes:

  • Tucker® H2Pro 3-Stage RO/DI Cart
  • A Tucker® water fed pole of your choice
  • Dual Trim Tucker Brush
  • Quick Connect Hose Connectors with On/Off Valve
  • 100' of Tucker Pole Tubing
  • TDS Meter
  • Optional Tucker® Hand Carry Hose Reel with 150' of 3/8" ID hose

The Tucker® H2Pro 3-Stage Water System

If you are considering a purification system that is capable of running multiple poles or for high water production in solar panel cleaning applications the H2pro is an excellent choice. These systems are work horses from day one, proven by over 10 years of sales and reliability in the field. Comes with the built in Tucker® DI saver option that allows you to bypass the DI filter and work with pure RO water in various application, lowering your cost of maintenance considerably.

Features include:

  • 2+ GPM 110v booster pump
  • Built in On/off switch
  • Tucker® DI SAVER MODE (RO Only) and RO/DI modes for different cleaning applications.
  • 30" carbon pre-filter for long filter life
  • 40" eco flow Tucker® RO membranes for high water production
  • 30" DI post-filter for final polish of the RO water.
  • No flat wheels
  • Stainless steel housings
  • 10 year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Tucker® Water Fed Pole

The Tucker® water fed pole is an incredible tool for window cleaners everywhere. Tucker® is the oldest name in the industry, delivering the highest quality components with unique features that simplify your day. Made right here in the USA.

Each of our standard line of carbon fiber, high modulus carbon fiber, and hybrid water fed poles comes with a dual trim nylon water fed brush (the world's longest selling water fed brush), 100' of pole tubing, male and female quick connects, and our incredible reach-around gooseneck. Choose the pole that works best for you!

(Optional) Tucker® 150' Hand Carry Hose reel w/ premium pure water hose

New hose reel from Tucker®. The Highest quality hand carry hose reel on the market today. Made of powder coated laser cut steel and machined aluminum. Assembled in the USA. Comes complete with 150' of 3/8" premium hose line.

3/4" Brass garden hose inlet.

3/4" Brass garden hose outlet.

Tucker® Warranty