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Apple Pro-Wash

  • $59.99
  • $75.00

Apple Pro-Wash is a premium foaming surfactant with a colour changing marker that makes cleaning coverage easy to see. It also helps your cleaning solution cling to all surfaces and smell great.

Highly concentrated, a little will go a long way.

Uses: To increase dwell time on many surfaces and mask SH scent while providing a visual coverage marker.


Roof Mix

Wall Mix

Batch Mix  (*dye will dilute)

1 L (35 oz) per 200 L (50 G)

0.15 L (5 oz) per 200 L (50 G)

Proportioner Systems

3-4 on Dial

2 on Dial

X Jet Systems  (*dye will dilute)


0.06 L (2 oz) per 20 L (5 G)

Down-Streamer  (*dye will dilute)


0.15 L (5 oz) per 20 L (5 G)


All mixing ratios are base suggestions, adjust for applications as required.

SDS Sheet