• Softwash systems Queso. Batch mix with 50 gallon tank and 150 foot hose.

Batch Mix SoftWash System

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Softwashology is made by SoftWash Systems.

The Queso is a high quality, beginner soft wash spraying system with a 50-gallon tank. It has agitation built in to make sure your mixture stays at the correct ratios. The 12-volt, 5 GPM pump is very quiet and plenty strong enough to get the job done without the use of too much chemical and causing too much run-off on the building. The included 12" stingray, u-frame hose reel comes with a lifetime warranty. It is made of high-quality aluminum and self-lubricating plastics that are corrosive resistant and perfect for using around sodium hypochlorite. The 50-gallon tank comes double thick and with a lifetime warranty of its own making this the most robust and durable batch mixing system on the market, but at a price that a beginner can afford.


Mix Tank:                                      50 Gallons

12-volt Pump:                               5 GPM

Stingray Reel:                               12" U-Frame

1/2" Clear Braid Spray Hose:          150 Foot

Agitation:                                      3/4 Recirculate Valve

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