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2 Worker Tucker 4060 4 Stage Package

  • $5,900.00
  • $6,557.55

This unit is Tucker's Commercial Work Horse... Get the work done twice as fast! The 2 Worker Package is the ultimate kit for efficiency at an unbelievable price. The Tucker 4060 4-Stage Cart with dual low pressure high flow RO membranes (exclusive to Tucker) can produce enough pressure to run 2 separate poles at 40' plus with no pump needed... just tap pressure!


Included in this package:

  • Tucker 4 Stage 4060 Pure Water System
  • Select the size of your 2 Poles, all Poles are 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Two Dual Trim/Dual Jet Tucker Brushes
  • Premium 5/16 Pole Hose (100' per pole)
  • Quick Connect Hose Connectors with On/Off Valve
  • TDS Meter to measure water quality

** Add an optional 100' Premium 3/8 Hose and Reel to your package and save more (only 1 reel with package option).