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C9 Socket Cord - 12" Spacing - Black

  • $450.85
  • $499.99

This is the high quality and thick socket spool wire you need in Canada! Minleon 1000' spools of C9 CPT-2 sockets are spaced at 12" on Black wire. 

Why is Minleon Socket Cord the best?

  • We only sell SPT-2 wire, this thicker and more insulated wire is specifically designed for colder climates like what we have in Canada. This also is much more durable making the cords suitable for leaving up year round. This is the socket wire your customers want.


  • C9 sockets spaced 12" apart on Black wire
  • Bulk string sets use LED C9 Bulbs (bulbs not included).
  • SPT-2 wire is rated for 10 amps
  • Socket size: E17/C9
  • Socket spacing: 12″
  • Spool length: 1000-foot
  • Colour: Black
  • UV Protected