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F9 Starter Pack

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Never tried F9 Before? Here is the starter pack of each F9 Product.

The sample pack includes: Barc, Efflo, Groundskeeper and Double Eagle

 F9 Barc: F9 Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner (BARC) is specifically formulated to remove BOTH  battery acid staining AND rust stains.  This includes the entire spectrum of the rust family- thin, thick, topical, embedded, and fertilizer staining.  F9 BARC rust remover is easy to apply and does not require scrubbing, brushing or elbow grease.  BARC is ready to go upon arrival and does not require mixing.  F9 BARC chemically locks into the concrete, reversing  80-100% of the orange staining and restores concrete to its natural bright gray color.

F9 Efflo: F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover is breakthrough in the restoration and cleaning industry. F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover is a user friendly, full 31.45% strength muriatic acid replacement. This product combines a buffered, pleasant smelling acid along with an excellent soaping capability to work better at lower concentrations. F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover gives the user the advantage of a full strength product  while greatly reducing fuming and corrosion, thereby improving overall health and safety risk profile.

F9 GroundskeeperF9 Groundskeeper is a highly buffered low pH hard surface maintenance cleaner to use after your initial degreasing, pre- cleaning or just hot water washing. F9 Groundskeeper has wetting agents and surfactants to help cut through contaminants. F9 Groundskeeper can be used on concrete, bricks, pavers, tile, most stone and other hard surfaces.

F9 Double Eagle: F9 Double Eagle is For use on Concrete, Bricks, Pavers, Tile, Stone, Grout Masonry Hard Surfaces and most surfaces in general. Great for food grease, oils, dumpster pads, loading docks, gas stations, parking garages, tire marks and general cleaning of many surfaces.

For More information and Mixing for F9 Products, check out the F9 Cookbook here: F9 Cookbook