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Moerman Gray Bucket Lid

  • $19.50
  • $24.56

Every Jack has his Jill, well now our Blue and Yellow Buckets can go through life with a perfect fit Bucket lid. Although you know we like to use the turquoise color to highlight additional functionalities to tools, in this case we choose ecologically above colorful.

This Bucket lid is made of 100 % recycled material and easily seals the bucket so water cannot splash out. We have thought carefully about the development of this accessory: the extra deep rim provides a practical storage space for dry or wet items. It’s also possible to stack the buckets. In short a nice extra to add to your window gear to make storage a bit more practical in your van.

  • Deep edge to store items (4 cm)
  • Bucket is completely sealed from splashing
  • Stack multiple buckets
  • Made of 100 % recycled material