• Tucker Sidekick 12 foot reach trad pole. Acme tip.

Trad Sidekick 12' Reach Pole

  • $135.85
  • $0.00

The only trad pole any commercial route work window cleaner would need.

Introducing the Tucker® Sidekick.  

Compact enough for working directly in front of yourself and at full extension you will have a 12' reach.

Lightweight and including the wood cone tip for attaching squeegees, mops, etc. ACME tip included.

  • 37" when closed
  • 82" when extended
  • Weighing just over 1 pound
  • 3 section fiber glass pole
  • Lightweight
  • Easier to use in cold climates than aluminum
  • Can also use with Waterfed Brushes by purchasing a Euro Tip